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Nuga best Jade Infrared Massage Bed - Thousands years of wisdom - modern technology of Nugabest
Combines: Acupressure - Acupuncture - Heat therapy - Massage - Chiropractic in the same unit. By integrating a soothing, personal massage with acupressure treatment while providing deep, penetrating heat and far-infrared ray therapy, many remarkable results can occur. *This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat,or prevent any disease. If you are suffering from any medical condition, Please consult your physician or medical provider before using this product. Combines: Acupressure - Acupuncture - Heat therapy - Massage - Chiropractic in the same unit.














Tourmanium Pillow


Tourmanium Bracelet



English Version

 Spanish version



Jade Infrared Roller









Nuga best Jade Infrared Massage bed



Nuga Products Feature - Internal Projector

Internal Projector

The Internal Projector moves smoothly along the spinal contour while providing Acupressure, hand massage, and moxibustion to the spine
and nearby Meridians, muscles and ligaments.


Nuga Products Feature - Five-Ball Projector

Five-Ball Projector

The Five-Ball Projector comes with ergonomic design features that minimize heat and Far-Infrared Ray loss, and may be conveniently
used on any part of human body.


Nuga Products Feature - Internal Main Bottom Heater

Internal Main Bottom Heater

One of new functions added to NUGABEST NM 4500 is Internal Main Bottom Heater, which provides constantly warm heat to users while using NUGABEST NM 4500.


Nuga Products Feature - Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control

Intergrated Multi-Function Remote Control

Easy button operation allows convenient selection of desired functions. Good size display panels afford easy viewing. Remote Control Rack permits easy handling and temporary storage of Remote Control. 30 Minute Back, Neck, & Pelvic with 7 Minute Stomach Mode Combining Finger Pressure Massage Effect and Acupressure Effect


Nuga Products Feature - Connector Panel

Connector Panel

Connector Panel allows use of Five-Ball Projector, 9 Ball Projector
Control with separate connection terminals provided for convenient use. Thus, two different persons may use the product simultaneously.


Nuga Products Feature - Temperature Panel

Temperature Panel

You can set the desired temperature easily to suit your physical
conditions or characteristics.



An ergonomic product that combines Eastern and Western medicine

The porcelain floodlight is designed to move smoothly along your spine based on the principles of Western chiropractic and combined with the Eastern principles of moxibustion and massage points.  The porcelain balls massage up to your neck and gently massage your muscles along with the effect of moxibustion.


Tourmanium heating of internal floodlight

Tourmanium is Nugas unique material made with tourmaline, germanium, volcanic rocks and elvan.  Tourmaline is the only type of mineral that retains its electrical characters permanently and is called polar crystal.  Tourmanium ceramic of internal floodlight boosts heating and far infrared/anion emission.


Ergonomically designed external floodlight

The 5-point natural jade floodlight is ergonomically designed to fit any part of your body to maximize the effect of Eastern moxibustion.  The 9-point floodlight is slightly larger to cover broader area.  Heat and far infrared rays are designed to be delivered to the target area with minimal loss. 


Multipurpose remote controller

The remote controller can adjust temperature for internal and external floodlights.  Both floodlights can be easily operated with the touch of a button and their status is conveniently found on the enlarged display.  Store the remote controller inside the provided bag with external floodlight.


Simple colors and smooth lines

Nuga Best uses light gray and crimson colors that made a great addition to any color scheme.  Lightweight steel support and beautifully curved design made the unit a decorative item.  Enhance the look of your living space with Nuga Best. 


Noise-reduced internal power system

The uniquely designed guide rail minimizes friction between internal floodlight and rail and generates almost no noise.  The rail only supports light load to improve durability.


Model License NO. : 02-831

Size : 1980(W) * 655(D) * 560(H)

Weight/Package : 33kg / 1set

Rated Electric Flow : AC 110V / 60Hz

Electric : 250W

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